Hello everyone, this is Azarine Kyla Arinta from her newest blog.If I recall, this is my 4th blog since I’ve been blogging in 2007.My first one was a Multiply account, and then I moved to Blogger, moved to WordPress, moved back to Blogger again, and then I’m finally here.My reason to metamorphose my virtual journal into a new one is not because I’m bored.In fact I really love my previous blog for it contains so many memento of my once-wonderful life.The reason why I move back to WordPress is because: my previous blog has been hijacked.It keeps linking anyone who opens it into a site called Kunoichi and sadly, I’ve no damn idea how to fix it.Thankfully, I’ve been able to save all my blogposts and keep it safe in my laptop.

Perhaps this is a right momentum to move into a new blog for two reasons, though:

1) I turned 20, 5 days ago, and I’ve been wanting to write and read more often.I hope this blog will be more heartwarming and inspiring than the previous blog, and I hope whoever reads it find an excitement in reading it and further inspires them to ‘Carpe the Diem’, Seize the day.Let’s say, this is one of my turning 20 wishes, to read, write, and inspire.

2) My extraordinary friend, Mr.Dodi Mauliawan, initiated a wonderful idea: #ArisanBuku.#ArisanBuku pretty much indulges everyone who has passion in reading and writing.A host will arranged a themed writing competition and he or she will have a privileges to set up the rules, the theme of writing, and picks out the winner.Whoever wins the competition, will win a book prepared by the host.The 1st term of #ArisanBuku is happening now, the current theme will make a perfect debut writing in this blog: “Melalui Tulisanmu, Apa yang Kamu Cari?”

I therefore named this blog: 海岸にazarine (Azarine on the Shore)
with tagline: 迷子になろうよ、いっしょに (Let’s become lost children together)
The name comes from my number one favorite book from my favorite author, Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami.Kafka Tamura, the character from the book is by far my favorite character in a book, along with Holden Caulfield from the Catcher in the Rye.I like him so much I considered him as my alter-ego.
The tagline comes from Ghibli Museum of Studio Ghibli tagline.It’s a really suitable tagline because I would love to take the blog=readers into a boundless world of children’s imagination, where magic exists and everything is possible.

And there’s that, my long introduction about this blog.Cheers, and Let’s Become Lost Children Together.


“”Hey, there’s something falling down in there,” said the chief clerk. Gregor tried to suppose to himself that what had happened to him might some day also happen to the chief clerk. There was no denying that anything was possible.” – Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis (1915)




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  1. thank to Atika yang udah ngasih tau link blog baru lu hehee..

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