Introducing my current obsession: 소녀시대 , Commonly known as SNSD (Abbreviation of So Nyuh Shi Dae which means Girls’ Generation).These 9 girls are South Korean idol and girl group debuted in 2007 under S.M. Entertainment.They are my number one obsession much to my friends dismay over my exaggeration of admiration.

Girls’ Generation (2007)

Girls’ Generation Gee EP (2009)

Girls’ Generation EP Tell Me Your Wish/Genie (2009)

Girls’ Generation Oh! (2010)

Girls’ Generation Hoot EP (2010)

Girls’ Generation Run Devil Run (2010)

Girls’ Generation Mr.Taxi (2011)

Girls’ Generation The Boys (2011)

I came across them in 2010, KPop explosion era.My 1st encounter towards KPop was earlier though, my cousin was a big fan of Super Junior, she is crazy to the point she has all their original album and had attended all 4 Super Show (Super Junior showcase or concert).I didn’t really like Super Junior, I thought they were okay and they got some catchy tunes but that was it.In 2010, I encountered their most popular video clip  Gee, which hits 81,232,524 viewer in Youtube.I was…hooked immediately.My 1st favorite was Tiffany, and she remains my forever favorite until now (along with Taeyeon).I later encountered them more when one of my friend was preparing a performance for our Makrab show, she danced to SNSD’s tune: Oh! and the song’s been stuck in my head ever since, I decided to look for its’ Music Video.

In college around 2010 up until now in 2012, my surrounding atmosphere was thick with aura of Kpop everywhere.Most of my college mates are quite a diehard fan of Kpop and if they are not they know slightly about Kpop because everyone was practically talking about it everywhere.So here comes the dark era of mine (my friends think it’s a dark era, I think it’s an enlightenment).I watched them in various TV variety and I can’t help but falling in love.They are not only gorgeous, they are more than gorgeous, Goddess-like, and they are have a very lovable attitude.Throughout Girls’ Generation Goes to School, Factory Girl, Girls’ Generations’ Horror Movie Story, Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys  and Hello Baby, I come to love them more and more.If you ask me why? Well…you should’ve watch them not only their performance in showcase or video clip, you have to see them in Variety Show and you’ll know just how adorable and charming they are.

Moreover, I think they have an irresistible star aura and every single person, all 9 of them posessed a unique and distinct characteristic which makes them stand out in their own way.They are not only a singer and dancer, they are an entertainer.They entertain us, SONE, in every way.

It’s been 5 years since their 1st debut.Girls’ Generation undoubtly has become one of the most prominent Korean idol of this generation.People refer them as South Korea National Treasure and Hallyu World Representative.They are the first and up until now the only idol group whose face were attributed in South Korea’s national stamp.The group were also selected as honorary ambassadors for Korea’s “Visit Korea 2010 – 2012” campaign, headed by South Korea’s First Lady.This is unquestionably their generation, their era, Girls’ Generation in the top of the world.

5th August 2007 was their 1st debut with Into the New World, their 1st ever song and music video plus my forever favorite too.Most of people thought they were ugly back then in ITNW and they’ve under go plastic surgery over the years that’s why they look more beautiful now.To me, they’ve been beautiful since back then, innocently beautiful.They might have plastic surgery, they might have not, I couldn’t care less because I’ve learn to love them more than I love their physical appearance, I like them as a team, as an indivual, I love them because they’re SNSD.

“Right now it’s Girls’ Generation , From Now on it’s Girls’ Generation , Forever Girls’ Generation”

지금은 소녀시대!, 앞으로도 소녀시대!, 영원히 소녀시대!
Right Now Girls’ Generation! From Now on Girls’ Generation! Forever Girls’ Generation!


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