2 years ago I decided to join a college student organization in my major, KOMAHI; an abbreviation of Korps Mahasiswa Hubungan Internasional UGM.I was driven by my zest to be involved in an organization.If people asked why, I would answer instinctually: I want to be beneficial for the mankind and society.Classic and typical question with an almost predictable answer.And thus perhaps, was the most socially acceptable answer of such question. Truthfully, I really did know nothing about my purpose in involving myself in student organization.All I know is, everyone has a zest and this has been my zest for years..That thing they always go after without really knowing why they go after that thing.For me, the thing is involving myself in a student organization.

When you sign up with a formaly structured organization that means you are willing to be fully commited for whatever you sign up for.That means you have to sacrifice your free time, your own(and already limited) monthly money and your decent sleep. In brief, you have to give yourself to it, to serve selflessly.And you wouldn’t sacrifice for something you don’t love, right?

I have always love KOMAHI.KOMAHI was like a playground for me to strengthen my character and to cooperatively work with someone I can’t stand.I learned a lot and I feel blessed.Through this organization, I tried to pay my deeds for the society and to myself. My grades were falling down like paratroopers from a military airplane (only my grades weren’t equipped with any kind of parachutes), I was lacking of decent sleep, sometimes I was dead broke because I’ve to cover up for something. But I was happy, there was never any unmotivated or uninspired moment when I worked for KOMAHI.

With love and enthusiasm as my driving force, I stepped up as a candidate for KOMAHI 1.I failed, but I was happy, nevertheless I’ve tried and God was very gracious for He gave me a very wonderful opportunity to serve KOMAHI again.I came back for my 2nd year in KOMAHI and fulfill a position as Kepala Departemen Informasi&Komunikasi.Never once crossed my mind I would take this position and role.I was a member of Departemen Olahraga a year before and I’ve no knowledge regarding this department’s area.But even so, I accepted the opportunity.

It’s been 8 months after I bear the responsibility.4 months left and I think I haven’t done my best yet.Furthermore, I find myself deeply pressurized.Not by the amount of works or the stacked projects this department has.I was pressurized because I hold a responsibility as a head of department.A leader. I wasn’t pressurized because a leader has a lot of things to do.In fact, leader has no works, actual works to be done.All leaders do are commanding, giving advices, criticizing and so on.Just how torturing it is having about 20 to 30 kids obeying my orders, asking for my advices and put their head down low when I shamelessly criticize their works.It is an absolute torment.

I begin to think, who the hell am I to be put in such position? Who am I to be having such power? And all I want to be is to lead.I do not want to boss around.I don’t want my treasured INKOM kids to obey my commands just because they are afraid of me or my fellow Kepala Biro Internal Nur Ariani and Kepala Biro Eksternal Tami Sandyarani.I want them to do their project because they love it, they love KOMAHI, they love INKOM, they love what they do.I want their driving force to be their love and enthusiasm towards the organization and towards themselves.Because everything they do now, is to forge them into a more spirited and keen character. Much like I was a year ago.I respected kak Hasto Siswanto and kak Lukman Baihaqi, the previous leader of KOMAHI 2010 and 2011. But I didn’t sign up for them, I signed up for KOMAHI.Therefore, I wasn’t fueled by who’s in power, but by my own enthusiasm to learn along this organization.

INKOM kids.
One fine day during the final pleno, we will deliver a great reports of our projects.We will finished our year as a part of a fantastic and inspiring department.A department where everyone are inspired, where the driving force is pure enthusiasm and love.We will finished our year and cherished our moment when we succesfuly nailed down Open House, HI Green Week, Kinarya Citraleka, Halal Bihalal HI, International Day of Peace and HI Visit!. The external kids will remember their FKMHII meeting and build a vast network, befriend kids from other university and the internal kids will remember their FORKOM HI meeting and their visit to another great student organization in UGM.We will finish our year with a great memory. And all I want is to inspire them, just like they have inspire me with their devotion and their unique characters. And all I want is to drowned ourself in inspiration as we finish our year as a part of Departemen Informasi&Komunikasi .

4 months to go. Inspire&Ignite.

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  1. faelasufa says:

    A-a-a-a-yooo semangat! Semoga 4 bulan lagi harapan-harapannya menjadi kenyataan, semoga Inkom menjadi ‘…A department where everyone are inspired, where the driving force is pure enthusiasm and love’. Nice post btw. Oh ya itu di fotonya inkom, fotonya Tami paling anti-mainstream yah (ga ketawa sendiri maksudnya HEHEHE).

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