The question in my mind is how Korean culture of melodramatic and emotion grandeur flair become such an addiction to me?

Why am I… obsessed……so enthralled…so captivated….with Korean dramas and movies?

And, I have found my answer.At least it answered my loaded questions and comprehend the insanity I’m having with this whole obsession things.I recently read a very good book with a thorough explanation about Korea from the contributor of The Economist for Korea, his name is Daniel Tudor and the title of the book is Korea: The Impossible Country. The book talk about the concept of Han and Heung, which are the deep sadnes and pure joy in Korean mind.An utterly unique concept of Korean culture.The first sentence of the book already answered a little bit of my question: “Koreans are known to be emotional people”.
I do not want to generalize all Hallyu-infected people, but I am an emotional beings and I’m attracted to a kindred soul.I like the fact that Koreans are those people who can be really sad when they’re sad, and happy when they’re happy.They are someone who can embrace whatever state of emotion they are in without trying to deny it, in a way, I feel connected to their drama-like charms.

What I grasped from this concept is that Han is a sadness that will profoundly touch you, but it’s an internalized one, kind of like unrequited feeling kind of sadness.However, the interesting part of Han is..”the response to such a burden is not to seek revenge”.Han has been known to affects people’s behavior in Korean and as well as the music, art, and drama they produce. Since this kind of sadness is not something that can be banished by revenge, people in Korea have to embrace it.You’ll find Koreans wallowing their sadness in a romantic way.I’m in awe with a real human emotion that Koreans show.Vulnerability is inevitable and I am in some way enjoy a certain kind of sadness for I can be more inspired that way.I have a belief that in order to feel the utmost happiness, I have to come to learn and accept the sadness that hits me.Han gets me, the Korean dramas can be melancholic as hell and I will weep, but it’s an exhilarating kind of weeping.

The book later on tell that han can’t be changed, you are sad and you are sad.But the sadness can be resolved through a process called han-puli, the untying of han.The moment that cause your sadness can’t be changed, your emotion can’t be changed.However, the Koreans always see the silver lining of every clouds, and that’s what make this concept is beautiful.The real prove of it is that Koreans used to see funerals as a chance to overcome sorrow with laughter, to sublimate the grief and darkness of death into the happiness and brightness of life.Instead of focusing on how they lost their loved one, they focus on how happy their loved one is in the after-life and how lucky it is for them to still be alive.

“Even a though guy like me will weep and swallow all the sadness”

What I grasp from Han and what I love the most from this concept despite it’s melodrama flair is:
it teaches me to accept any kind of suffering moment I’ll get through in my life.
as Buddha said: “Life is Pain”
But I will learn not to be angry about it, but to see the bright side of the pain.For I truly believe in my principle that the utmost happiness, will come after you learn to accept the pain and suffering.

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