Dearest Alassiel,

Today one of my treasured best friend departed to UK to pursue his master degree. I am both happy and sad. Happy because he finally got to pursue his master in a reputable university and most of all the university is located in the same city as his favorite soccer club, I bet he’s going to have a lot of fun over there. But I’m sad because I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with him before he departed. Dearest Alassiel whom I cherished more than anything, do you know that I have a deep fondness and admiration towards him? During my college years I have two people whom I admire the most and both share the same fire element as me, he is one of these two people. I always thought that he shares the same stubborn, fiery characters with me. We are both headstrong and we are both have a dark side on us whenever things did not go our way. We are both dominant in relationship to the point of being a dictator to our significant other but hey we did that because we love our significant other so much. I regretted that I didn’t have a good quality time with him because there are so many things that I wanted to consult him.

Dearest Alassiel,

you know how much I supported him with his significant other who happened to be one of my dearest friend too. I find similarity in our relationship to their relationship. I wouldn’t tell you too much about it because I do not want to make you bored. But one thing that I want to tell you dear Alassiel is that we are both a lucky person to find such a kind and darling significant other.

Dearest Alassiel,

you’ve known me for almost two years and you’ve must become too accustomed to my sullen mood and temperamental upbringing. You know how spoiled and egoistical I could be and yet you always try to accomodate my needs and for that I could not thank you enough. You mean the world to me dear Alassiel and you are a constant reminder to me that I must, I must, and I must become a better person. Because you’ve brought an invigorating light upon my world and I wish to become a better person for myself in order to become a worthy person for you. A person as kind as you dear Alassiel, deserve the best kind of person as well and I want to become that person whose worthy for your love and patience and kindness.

My best friend and I  are lucky, dearest Alassiel. We’ve found our person and we’re thankful for it and we’re sorry for any wrongdoings and any sorrow that we brought upon you. But we’re lucky, because to find someone to trust so much is a gift from God and we can only pay it back to God by being a marvelous person to these people.

Dearest Alassiel,

my acquintance with death and loss had turn me into a person with a big hole in our heart and an unbearable sadness may come sweep me often. It’s an incurable disease or so I thought. But I am the lucky one because I don’t have to be too bitter about it owing to the fact that I’ve find the constant reminder of happiness and it’s you dearest Alassiel. Our present is wonderful and I do not want to think too much about the future because it gives me anxiety. But dearest Alassiel, I’m going to ask you to strive for a better future together, to support each other to pursue our dreams and to always remind each other that our relationship in whatever form will always be the soothing kind of form. Dearest Alassiel, thank you for being my endearing lucky charm. I will talk to you when the sun rises.

Jakarta, 10th September 2014.

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