“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

I’m by no means a traveller. But, despite the small amount of places I’ve travelled so far, I’ve always been fond of travelling. I love the feeling of waking up in a place I’ve never been before, see things I haven’t see before, meet people in the other side of the world and see how different things are in each part of the world I’ve travelled. It’s a liberating moment and I’m a seeker of freedom, in the unknown part of the world, I find something inside my soul which I can’t find when I’m confined to the routinity of chaotic madness in Jakarta.

Apart from encountering new places, people, foods, drinks, and culture, what I love the most from travelling is the ultimate solitude that I couldn’t find when I’m constricted in my daily routine. What I love the most during travelling is the idle time between hopping from one place to another place. I love the lively and tireless atmosphere of an airport, the sentimental and nostalgic feeling of a train station, the robust and unrefined scene of a harbour. During the idle time when I waited for my plane, train, or ship to depart, I find myself at peace. A complete solitary, a time when my soul went quiet and I could hear the deepest part within my heart.

When my soul went quiet, when there were no thoughts or anything and anyone that could interrupt me from my solitary mode, I can actually think about something or someone very important to my life. I began to question things I wouldn’t even question during my daily thoughts.

“What’s the purpose of life?” Surreal and absurd as it is, I frequently asked this question within my solitary time. Surely there’s no way human live in this world without having a purpose, right? Surely God created us as a human to mean something to the world? To do something we’re purposely do that’s why we’re given a living. To live our purpose.

Another thing I love about the idle time between travelling is the way the isolation of my idle time and the beauty in front of my eyes enkindles the hopeless romantic part of me. Almost everytime in my idle time during travelling, especially when I’m being presented by a great beauty painted by God Himself, my mind start to wander to a certain person. Human is a social creature, no matter how much we love to dwell in solitude, when we’re being presented by a beautiful and breathtaking view or when we’re seized by happy moments, we’d like to share those happiness and beauty with someone else. Have you ever look at a majestic scene of oceans, engulfed in the tranquil and soothing feeling of a forest and a mountain, or letting your feet kisses the happiness in a form of a thousand sands and suddenly you start to think of someone? How you wish they’re there with you and you could just sit or stand in quietness and let that beautiful moment sink into your heart?

I have. Each time I travelled, each new sunsets, sunrises, horizons, rivers, mountains, beaches, or just anywhere new, I would always think of someone and how I deeply wish they could be there with me. That moment is an epiphany, a realization that I love them so much that I want to share every beautiful things and every happy moments with them.

And so it goes, I’m by no mean a traveller. But I love to travel and I love the idle time between travel for in the quietness away from everybody, I finally comprehend who I love and what I love.

Go travel, never lose your sense of wonder, no matter how far you travel, you will always find yourself.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
Marcel Proust


October 24th 2015.

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