“Who in your life do you remember most fondly? with the most undeniable feelings of warmth? Those who were kindest to you, I bet.” – George Saunders.

313 days ago on January 21st 2015, I started a journey into the an unknown, working in an industry that contradicts the root of my education. I admit that I was scared, afterall, it’s my first day of working in an entirely new environment with only one person I knew at that current time. But then I met her, the youngest child, just like me, but with an entirely different mentality. She possess a maturity and wisdom that I don’t possess as the youngest child. But it’s not just her maturity and wisdom that charmed me, the most defined quality that charmed at our first encounter was her well-defining kindness that permeated through her smile and attitude.

Kindness has always been the ultimate aphrodisiac. As a I grow up, I realized that kindness will always be the most charming characteristic one can possess and she possess kindness like no others, an affectionate human being whose soft-spoken and caring. I’ve never been an affectionate person. I don’t know how to be affectionate nor expressive but the way she treats me and others sparks out the affectionate side in me. As time went by, she grows to be a sister figure in whom I can talk about anything and share about everything in my life. A quality I dearly appreciate since it’s very hard to me to open up and yet she manages to become one of my most trusted confidante.

I remembered a night in Gili Trawangan, I was feeling light-headed and decided to take a walk alone and she came after me to made sure I was okay. We talked nonsensical stuffs but I was deeply touched by her caring nature. I also remembered the morning after I got knocked out because I was behaving irresponsibly with my drinks and she came to visit me and made sure I was okay. Those little acts of affections and kindness go a long way and especially to a person like me who actually long for affections and yet at the same time feel too reserved to actually get the affections that I needed.

Halo si Pelantun Melodi yang Penuh Afeksi, you’ve inspire me so much and you’ve touch my world with your kindness. I hope you get what you truly deserves for someone as kind, empathetic, and smart as you should always get the best out of life. Be with someone who treats you with equal kindness, who won’t take your kind natures for their own advantages but rather appreciate it and gives the kindness back in return.

It hasn’t been a week since you’re no longer around but I already miss my lunch companion, my sister whom I will always greet first thing in the morning who will greet me back with equal enthusiasm and a smile that could light up the room, my sharing partner in which I could talk about everything and not being judged but met with wise advices. Now get some rest but don’t forget to greet the world again with your strenghts and preserverances, see you next week and here’s a poem from one of my favorite poet to you, see you on Sunday, Pelantun Melodi yang Penuh Afeksi.

“Inilah saatnya
melepas sepatu yang penuh kisah
meletakan ransel yang penuh masalah
dan mandi mengusir rasa gerah
menenangkan jiwa yang gelisah.

Amarah dan duka
menjadi jeladri dendam
bola-bola api tak terkendali
yang membentur diri sendiri
dan memperlemah perlawanan.
Sebab seharusnya perlawanan
membuahkan perbaikan,
bukan sekedar penghancuran.

Inilah saatnya
meletakkan kelewang dan senapan,
makan sayur urap
mengolah pencernaan,
minum teh poci,
menatap pohon-pohon
dari jendela yang terbuka.

Segala macam salah ucap
bisa dibetulkan dan diterangkan.
Tetapi kalau senjata salah bicara
luka yang timbul panjang buntutnya.
Dan bila akibatnya hilang nyawa
bagaimana akna membetulkannya?

Inilah saatnya
menyadari keindahan kupu-kupu beterbangan.
Bunga-bunga di padang belantara
Lembutnya daging susu ibu
Dan para cucu masa depan
membaca buku sejarah
mencari ilham.

Inilah saatnya,
Inilah saatnya,
Ya, saudara-saudariku.
Inilah saatnya bagi kita.
Diantara tiga gunung
memeluk rembulan.

W.S. Rendra
Cipayung Jaya, November 2001

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