You’re winter, spring, summer, and autumn.


You’re a winter because I love the calmness and the serenity of winter, the quiet hour of the dawn and dusk where everything fell silence as if in unison of winter’s glorious beauty.

You’re a serene winter, the drop of the snowflakes falling romantically to the ground, freezing the land by reason of the winter’s beauty.


You’re a spring because I love the relaxed vibe of a spring, the transformation of the sultry winter to a greenery scene of life. You’re a laid-back, carefree, spring, the metamorphosis of desolation into a hope.


You’re a summer because I love the raw energy and incessant enthusiasm of summer, the heat that sparks people to greet the outside world in joy. You’re an enthusiastic summer, the time of happiness and youth and ice coffee with a beach landscape.

And of course,


You’re an autumn.

I love all seasons in the year but I love autumn the most.


You’re the leafs falling gracefully from the oak tree, blown away in a blurred motion by the autumn win. You’re a scene from the most visually aesthetic movie that is life. You’re autumn because the fading scene of the world and the cold wind never bears as much hope as the autumn.

You’re the season of my life, the calm winter, the carefree spring, the happy summer, and the romantic Autumn.

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