“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.” – Steve Jobs. 

In spite of the insufferable sore I felt in my body since last Wednesday, I decided to leap out from my bed and dragged myself 23 km away to Nala Coffee in AD Premier Building, TB Simatupang. If you were thinking that I’m about to tell a story of another coffee venture during my weekend, well this entry is not it.

What I’m about to tell you is an astonishing and inspiring discussion I’ve participated which happen to be held at Nala Coffee (Not gonna lie that I’ve been dying to visit this coffee shop though). Three days prior to the discussion, I was stuck in my bed, feeling useless and oddly missing work. I scrolled aimlessly through my Instagram feed when I stumbled upon this entry from Manual Jakarta. 

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I would jump out my bed due to excitement if I could. But my sore body was jammed into my bed so what I did was frantically looking for my phone and immediately emailed to be registered in this event.

As a superstitious person with a knack of intuition. I’d just knew that I had to attend this discussion. Turned out,  that was the best decision I made this week.



The venue of the discussion: Nala Coffee. Located in a very chic and modern new building called AD Premier. The building itself remind me of a building that I might walk into if I ever have the chance to explore New York City. 


I arrived 5 minutes before 10:00 A.M.. Rushing to the registration table thinking I was incredibly late but they didn’t start until 10:30 and, therefore, I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee provided free by Manual Jakarta and BMW who held the event. My absence of coffee during my bed rest was quickly soothed by the delicious flat white served hot inside a paper cup, my favorite way of drinking coffee (I’m sorry I’m just never too fond of latte art). The coffee was served by Turning Point coffee, one of the best coffee joint located in Serpong. Everyone seems to know each other and I was feeling quite isolated and yet I couldn’t care less because I just want the event to start as soon as possible.



One of the key point of this discussion is: How do you use photography in social media as a way to build and distinguish your brand? 


The event, or the discussion, was opened by Hadi Ismanto from Manual Jakarta. I was drawn right from the start when he explained his partnership, as Manual, with BMW XI which tagline is ‘Adventure is a mindset’. As a media, Manual Jakarta is essentially an explorer, because they continually explore Jakarta’s best hang out place, culture, events, and etc. Hadi started the discussion strong with a statement that we can’t settle in our career, doesn’t matter if we’re a writer, photographer, graphic designer, or any kind of career that we have, we need to incessantly explore and tune in with the change in our surrounding. It doesn’t mean that we have to move from one job to another job in justification of finding our passion. I took his statement as a perception that we shouldn’t ever stop ourselves from growing, to keep exploring our passion whilst cultivating our career to avoid stagnancy.

That statement hit me right in the spot. As a person in my early twenty, I’ve landed a great job that aligns with my value as well as accommodating my interest in social media and digital communications in general. However, just because I’ve landed a job that I’ve always wanted, doesn’t mean I should stop learning. If anything, I need to learn more, to become the best in my area of expertise and continuously learn thing that might become an added value to the skills that I currently have now.

One of the main reason I attended this discussion because I’m curious about the importance of photography and what’s the formula of good photography that will work in social media. The other reason was because I know how importance photography, good photography, is to capture the essence of a brand’s social media. If I put it into a metaphor, a photography that the brands share in their social media represents a person’s room. Why had a person’s room? Because from a person’s room, you can kind of judge or grasp the essence of what kind of person lives in that room from the way they aligned their furniture, folded their sheet, chose the color theme.

The best thought I’ve heard of the discussion was from Ve Handojo. I’ve known Ve as a writer and a Twitter personality. Nowadays, he’s mostly known as a founder of ABCD coffee who popularize the term and hashtag #ngopidipasar. He said that he doesn’t know much about photography, only owning iPhone as his photography device and yet he’s able to run a quite successful Instagram account for ABCD Coffee. He said the secret is in ‘honesty’, because, the more honest a brand is about its personality, the more it can connect to the audiences. When he said that, I nodded in agreement and the fact that it’s not only applicable to a brand, but also to us as a regular Instagram user. Social media is a huge part of people’s identity now, we know the preferences that create a person’s identity from their Instagram or Path or any other social media. I know a friend of mine who consistently shows her enthusiasm towards outdoor activities through her Instagram. I can’t help but to associate her with outdoor activities and frequently ask her about whether a mountain is accessible for an amateur climber. So in conclusion, it’s not just about honesty on who you are but also consistency.

But, if we’re talking about a brand, even before we’re taking photographs to show in social media. We essentially have to know what is the essence of this brand? Is it a luxurious brand? an affordable brand? the question will then come back to the very fundamental essence of the brand before we are able to capture it in the photograph and use social media as a distribution platform to show and tell the world about the story of the brand.

So, what it has to do with ‘Keep Looking, Don’t Settle’ that I put as a title of this blog? Well, the red line that connects all the dots is basically no matter what we do now, the world is ever changing and we’ve to keep up with it in order to find our truest purpose. A job is a job but it’s not a way of living, it’s not our sole identity. Therefore, I enjoyed a discussion like this which was able to show me the different aspect of social media. The question or whether or not we really need to learn more about anything other than our expertise comes down to one point: we’ll never know if we just spend ourselves cocooning in our comfort zone, hesitant to explore.

I admit I was intimidated having to attend a discussion in which I know no one, moreover, I’m quite a socially awkward and introverted person who’s not comfortable in a community type of gathering. But then again, being afraid is a good thing. For me, being afraid means I’m slowly walking out of my comfort zone and aiming towards becoming the better version of myself to be able to find one thing: the purpose of life. Being afraid means I value my job dearly because I want to deliver the best that I could with the responsibility given to me through my job. Being afraid means having the courage to refuse to succumb to the indifference toward the world once we’re drowning ourselves in our work life.

“What horrifies me most is the idea of being useless: well-educated, brilliantly promising, and fading out into an indifferent middle age.” – Sylvia Plath.


OPEN NEWSROOM: is a discussion forum initiated by Manual Jakarta that aims on providing a platform for the readers, as well as the public, to voice out their ideas. Topics that cause a stir, trends that pique people’s interest and frustrations toward problems that have people questioning – issues that surround the creative and lifestyle industry in Jakarta. More info about it in here: http://manual.co.id/article/open-newsroom/


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  2. “A job is a job but it’s not a way of living..” means something to me. Thanks for sharing kak

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