Dear the love of my life,

Today was a gorgeous day in Boston. The weather was starting to feel like Summer is just around the corner. I soaked in the sun and let my skin caressed by the gentle summer wind. I was planning to bike around the city again today, I’ve become determined to live life to the fullest and explore Boston in the last two months that I am here. Do you remember that I used to say to you that life is such a glimpse of moment and poof it passed you by just like that, so why bother? I have to admit that I was wrong, and unlike before, I don’t hate it anymore to admit that I was wrong. I was wrong in so many things – from my view towards attachment, relationship, death, feminism, and all the things that we used to argue before.

Dear love, I still think that life is such a glimpse of the moment and yet instead of why bother? I said to myself, why not bother? Instead of shutting myself to the world and became indifferent, why not embrace all the feelings I have? Sadness, happiness, joy, sorrow, isn’t that what makes human such a beautiful creature? The complexity of our emotions, our flaws, and strengths.

Anyhow, after I hanged up from our call, I went to cook myself some lunch before biking towards Jamaica Plain. I can’t help but smile to myself when the wind blows my hair and when I realized that there’s so much to see outside from my Allston/Brighton Kingdom. If you’re here, or if we ever get the chance to come back to Boston, I would absolutely love to take you to Jamaica Plain. You would love it, I know you would, JP is like the Greenwich Village of Boston.

Fun Kun Kun Fact: Sylvia Plath was born here, her father was a Boston University’s professor.

In the 1980s low rents brought many students to the area, especially those who attended the Museum School, Mass Art, and Northeastern University, who often lived in collective households. The neighborhood also developed a lesbian and gay community. The presence of artists in the neighborhood led to the opening of local galleries and bookstores, and arts centers such as the Jamaica Plain Arts Center. Sounds like a neighborhood that you would love, right?

I didn’t get to finish my bike ride though, halfway through my trip, I was terribly exhausted because I’ve to bike through a steep hill. So I went to stop at a coffee shop called Cafe Fixé and continued my trip with Lime, the electric scooter that I told you about – it’s probably my favorite way to explore Boston now. After about one and a half hour, I arrived in JP and went to this absolutely fantastic coffee shop called Espresso Yourself. The coffee wasn’t disappointing, the place was perfect for doing some weekend works, and they played my kind of music in the background (I was jamming to Lizstomania by Phoenix when I typed this). Worth the sweats and the one and a half hour bike/electric scooter rides!

As I made my way into my seat, two women in her 50s came to sit next to me. One of them asked the dessert that I was having, Milfe (a shortened version of mille-feuille I guess?). She asked me if it was good because she just told her girlfriend that she hasn’t had lunch before and would love some dessert. After a while, the other two women came to sit with them. I overheard what they were talking about, and apparently, two of them are artists. What an excellent way to start the Pride Month, don’t you think? A glimpse of hope and a dream in a not-so-distant future.

In our short time together in the United States, I think one of the things that I missed the most was our exploration and adventure. I love that wherever I take you to travel, you always have this enthusiasm to try just about everything. Your eyes would brighten, and you would joke around and laugh with that beautiful voice of yours. We are both drifting in a different direction for now, but know this love, it is okay, don’t be scared because whenever you’re ready again, I’m always around to take you to yet other adventures. Remember what we used to call ourselves? The Avonturir – the adventurer. To travel to new places with you, to learn new things, to build a pile of inside jokes along our journey would be a blessing.

Dear, love, today was a good day, but my perfect day would still consist of the morning when I wake up next to you, and we would lay around in bed and say to each other: Where to next? What to do next? Two dreamers, intertwined and connected by the bigger things in life, the enthusiasm of everything, and the unconditional love towards everything that is this world.

Don’t be scared, love, wherever you’re going, I’m going too. No matter how far you go, when you look back, I would always be there. Have a good day my love, I will see you soon.

Boston, June 1st 2019.

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  1. Adhe Pradipta says:

    I really enjoy reading this piece of your life, Rinta. Thank you for sharing your world.

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