1. Clear blue sky with clouds that looked like a character out of fantasy novels.
  2. Sitting in a patio with a hot cup of coffee.
  3. Making a cup of coffee, the process of grinding it, heating up the water, pouring it, mixing it with milk, cream, and sugar.
  4. Lebaran with your extended family, their bickering and stories from the past.
  5. The bond between you and your sisters and you and your cousins.
  6. Your high school friends and their antics.
  7. Your college friends and their constant mockery towards you.
  8. The colleague that became your friends – Growmates, Andini, Fika, Kak Maria, Riezky.
  9. A long drive.
  10. Walking in Jakarta or Boston or New York and then the right music came along.
  11. New books, whether you end up reading it or not.
  12. Also games, whether you end up finishing it or not.
  13. New gadgets, and the hours you spend figuring what cool thing you can do with these technologies.
  14. Your favorite Kpop idols, SNSD, Red Velvet, Mamamoo. Fantasizing how if you become their friend.
  15. Sitting in a coffee shop, planning to read a book or write in your notebook only to end up with your laptop or cellphone.
  16. Discovering a great Ted Talks or tv series that would stimulate your mind and compel you to write.
  17. Cookie-kun, the way he absolutely adores you and thinks you’re the center of the universe or just the way he sits next to you when you’re smoking. You love that he grew up to be like you, brooding, anxious, and melancholic.
  18. Train rides or plane rides, sitting in the airport or train station. The quietness and serenity you could not get anywhere else.
  19. The way the sun glimmers under the water.
  20. Bike ride and discovering interesting things when you’re biking.
  21. Funny content on Twitter.
  22. Fresh air and sunny day.
  23. But also, a cold and rainy or snowy day where you can just snuggle in bed.
  24. A cool wind blowing your hair.
  25. You know, this is actually hard to list down, I can’t believe I can’t list down 30 things that make me smile.
  26. Oh, an act of kindness from strangers.
  27. Being approached by strangers and proceed to hear their life story.
  28. Figuring common interest with other people.
  29. Good writing, in any form.
  30. A clean organized private space.

Okay, only by writing this do I realized it’s easier for me to write about sad things compared to happy things. May I be fueled by joy and happiness as much as sadness and grief.


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