"Lantas, akan jadi apakah kamu? Babak dalam hidup yang akan terkikis waktu atau rongga kosong dalam jiwa yang tidak bisa tertutup selamanya?"
Only by writing this do I realized it's easier for me to write about sad things compared to happy things. May I be fueled by joy and happiness as much as sadness and grief.
At night, you would probably went back to Jackson Heights and eat Thai foods or Korean foods, bought some wine or soju and headed back to her home. The street of Jackson Heights were starting to get quiet, but your stomach is full, your heart is warm, and you were holding her hands - and you would be happy, for wherever you are in the world, as long as you're holding your hand you know the world is such a beautiful place to live in.
So this is my plan: #30DaysofStorytelling. Writing has always been therapeutic for me. I love the time I spent readings, researching, making myself a cup of coffee, lighting up my cigarette and pour my worries into writing. There's a moment of silence inside my head, wherever I am, when I decided to write. That moment of silence is my safe haven. The time and place where I could converse with myself and pour out my feelings without having to fear judgment.