On Acknowledging One’s Privilege

I dedicated this first post in 2019 for my mother and for my extended family who’ve become my consistent reminder that I have lived a life of privilege – the privilege of health, education, etc. and therefore with this privilege, I should live my life to the service of others and for the benefit of others. The irony of privilege I think is the fact that the life that I live now and the path that I choose – to work not for the sole purpose of money and profit but something with missions that will help empowered others – is only possible because I have a safety net and that safety net is my mother. My mother always taught me that what good is life if you just live it for yourself and I’m guilty as charged for being a self-centered elitist who’s trapped in the bubble of entitlement. This is one of my step towards a life worth living – to acknowledge my privilege and use my resources to do good for others.

Catatan Pulang Kampung: Menulusuri Jejak Leluhur Pt. 1

Cerita pulang kampung tahun ini merupakan cerita yang spesial, karena pada akhirnya, saya pulang kampung ke tempat yang menegaskan garis kesukuan saya. Sebuah identitas yang sangat penting bagi warga negara Indonesia yang terdiri dari berbagai macam suku yang tersebar dari Sabang sampai dengan Merauke