"This is who I am, I am unapologetically filled with fire and passion and an endless yearning to live life to the fullest. I will cry with the world and I will laugh with the world, and maybe just maybe with my passion I can make the world just a slightly better place."
"Don't be scared, love, wherever you're going, I'm going too. No matter how far you go, when you look back, I would always be there. Have a good day my love, I will see you soon."
"Lantas, akan jadi apakah kamu? Babak dalam hidup yang akan terkikis waktu atau rongga kosong dalam jiwa yang tidak bisa tertutup selamanya?"
"And, maybe just maybe, someone will finally come when I'm ready to fully embrace life again and be at peace at myself. Until then, I'm going to rest and give a life a go."
"I think what I love most in following minimalism as a way of life is the feeling of not having to succumb to consumerism by buying things I don't need with money that I don't have."