How I Try to Cope with My Depression by Celebrating Small Wins

As I resort to celebrate the small wins in my daily life, I begin once again to find joy in the mundane. Afterall, waking up, taking shower, having breakfast, meeting a friend is a series of ordinary things that I don’t think of celebrating before. But, it definitely helps to anchor me to the present, whereas before, I was stuck in the future planning of something grander that I forget, being able to live, breathe, surrounded by people who you love and who love you are something joyful.

Review Buku: Rafilus – Budi Darma.

Satu hal lain yang meyakinkan saya bahwa Rafilus adalah fiksi absurd adalah struktur penceritaannya. Sedikit berbeda dengan fiksi lain, fiksi absurd tidak mengikuti formula struktur tradisional yang memiliki ‘awal konflik, ‘titik klimaks’, dan ‘penyelesaian’.