British Council: UK/Indonesia 2016-18

BC UKID 2016 - Poster A3+_06 Oct

Indonesia and the UK are two hugely creative countries. Yet there is currently very little cultural exchange between them, despite there being a vast amount to gain from getting to know each other. Throughout 2016 to 2018, UK/Indonesia will start to address this through a programme of interventions.

UK/Indonesia 2016-18 has two principle aims:

  • to build new relationships between artists, producers, curators and organisations in the UK and Indonesia
  • to use these relationships to see new showcases of UK creativity in Indonesia, of Indonesian creativity in the UK, and of international collaboration in both countries.



Published by I Gusti Ayu Azarine Kyla Arinta

I Gusti Ayu Azarine Kyla Arinta or Rinta was born in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia in 1992 to a Balinese father and a Bugisnese mother. A self-proclaimed geek and coffee-enthusiast, I Gusti Ayu Azarine Kyla Arinta works professionally as social media and content marketer while cultivating her interest and endless passion for literature, arts, coffee, and the use of technology for greater good.

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