"This is who I am, I am unapologetically filled with fire and passion and an endless yearning to live life to the fullest. I will cry with the world and I will laugh with the world, and maybe just maybe with my passion I can make the world just a slightly better place."
"I learned that I don't have to be famous or changing the world to live a meaningful life – I won't be able to end all suffering in the world or end a humanitarian crisis and that's okay – as long as I never stop trying to give even just a little bit of meaning to someone's else's life by actually doing something instead of choosing to be apathetic and ignorant."
"Yes, I’ve failed but I’ve tried and I live with no regrets. I’ve always move forward and this time it’ll be no different."
Please forgive us if we seem distant and somewhat anti-social, we just need time to face the world and gather our power in the world that never stop talking.
Akar budaya baca Apabila keluarga diibaratkan sebagai akar, saya bersyukur kepada Tuhan karena diakarkan kepada keluarga yang memiliki minat baca […]